Tom Crean Reflects on Hoosiers’ Success and Challenges Ahead

The Indiana Hoosiers’ performance Sat. night was far from pretty. But the victory against the Iowa Hawkeyes earned IU at least a share of the 2013 Big Ten Championship, bringing the program one step closer to its first outright title victory since 1993.

IU Head Coach Tom Crean told reporters Monday morning that his team is excited yet reserved, acknowledging the challenges still ahead for the Hoosiers.

“They were excited, but within minutes they went right back to work inside of practice. And it’s kind of a microcosm of the way this whole year has gone,” Crean says. “They’ve really been locked into the moment, into what’s moment important, which is getting better. And like I said we’re excited to be where we’re at, but we know there’s a lot more things to accomplish,” he says.

Should IU prove victorious in this year’s Big Ten Tournament late this month, it will be the Hoosiers’ first title win in two decades. Crean says it’s taken the team a long time to get back to its current level of success. So, he says, the success should be enjoyed, but not be taken for granted.

“Because when you lose it, it’s so hard to get it back, and you’ve got to work that much harder to get it back,” he says. “And I think the same thing our fans need to really look at is that there’s a ton of excitement around it right now. Let’s remember where we were. Let’s not take any of it for granted. Let’s keep building on what’s been happening,” he says.

The Hoosiers are ranked number one in NCAA standings, and are currently 25-4 overall and 13-3 in Big Ten play. IU takes on Ohio State Tuesday at Assembly Hall and will finish up the regular season in Ann Arbor against Michigan on Sunday.

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